PR Macs provides quality alternative to purchasing brand new desktop or laptop

Used computers reduce cost

With the continuous rollout of new computer products released by Apple, ever-increasing prices can make purchasing a used Macintosh computer an attractive choice for consumers. For customers seeking the more cost-effective option, PR Macs sells quality, used Macintosh desktop and laptop computers at 4691 Marine Avenue.

“There is a big advantage to buying used because you get a fully upgradeable computer at a much lower cost,” explains PR Macs owner/operator Corey Matsumoto.

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According to Corey, the days of upgradeable Apple computers are drawing to a close as engineers choose to permanently affix components to save space, rendering the current MacBook Pro completely non-upgradeable

“If you buy new and think you might need a higher spec years down the road, you’ll have to pay for the upgrades upfront at Apple's inflated prices,” says Corey. “As well, the repairability scores on the newer MacBook Pros are extremely low, making the simplest repairs a costly affair.”

Corey says the MacBook Pros he sells start at less than 60 per cent of the cost of the latest model and run plenty fast enough for most budget-oriented students and professionals.

“It’s just nice to be able to get people into a quality computer at a decent price they can afford,” he says.

PR Macs provides a two-month warranty on all computer hardware it sells. Corey configures computers to each customer’s specifications and can also provide data transfer services from older Macs and PCs.

As buyers weigh pros and cons to buying new or used, Corey says another important factor to consider is that new MacBook Pros only have the new USB-C ports, completely stripping away the standard USB ports, ethernet ports, SD card slots and even the MagSafe charger port Mac users have come to love and expect.

“If you want to connect any standard USB devices, you’ll have to carry around adapters,” says Corey.

In addition to sales, PR Macs provides customers with one-on-one tutoring and training for Apple computers and devices such as iPhones and iPads, including in-home system setups.

“I also do system setups and consulting for businesses and individuals who may not exactly know what they need,” says Corey, who also teaches a range of courses at Vancouver Island University that cover topics such as iPads, iPhones and iCloud.

PR Macs handles troubleshooting for iPhone and iPad issues, but the company does not repair those products.

“I don't do glass repair on iPhones or iPads; I’m happy to recommend other people who can do that,” says Corey. “I just service desktop and laptop Macs.”

Corey obtained certification as Apple products specialist in 2012 and has kept up to date with the latest hardware and software knowledge ever since.

“I’ve been tinkering with Apple computers since 2001, so I have a pretty solid background with them,” says Corey. “I’m currently working toward becoming an Apple-certified technician.”

Corey started doing Apple sales and service intake in 2011 through a company called Rapid Edge Technologies.

“They started up in the mall in 2010 and I invited them to move down into my space to reduce their overhead,” said Corey.

When Rapid Edge closed down in July this year, Corey says he saw an opportunity for PR Macs to fill the void.

“I basically just maintained the continuity of service, providing non-warranty repairs to Apple computers myself,” says Corey.

PR Macs is currently working with a Sechelt-based company that took over the Apple licence for the Powell River area to see if Apple-certified service can be brought back to the region.

“It’s important to have an Apple-certified service centre, but it’s a challenge because of the small service base,” says Corey.

PR Macs is open from 10 am-5 pm Tuesday through Friday and 10 am-3 pm on Saturdays and shares a space with Corey’s other business, CMG Printing, which opened in 2009. CMG Printing offers full-service digital printing and graphic design while focusing mostly on services for businesses, including business cards, racks cards and annual reports.

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